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Cones and Barriers for The Workplace

It’s easy to find the right traffic products that will suit your company’s needs. We offer a range of cones and barriers, suitable for motorway and road use, as well in the workplace for safety requirements. Browse our range of cones and barriers today.

If you are looking to buy barriers, why not try the Skipper Retractable Barrier. It’s a unique way to cordon off any outside area. Any shape can be created with the 9m of retractable high visibility tape that is connected to a series of Skipper units.

If you are looking to buy cones, we have a selection of ‘caution’ ones for wet floors or slippery surfaces, with a bright yellow colour and readable infographic for everyone to read and understand.

The products in our safety barrier fence and traffic cone range are safe, compliant and versatile. All of our cones and barriers can be used on the road or at evens, aiding traffic control at road works for cars and pedestrians or for crowd control and safety at indoor and outdoor events.

Our affordable traffic cones and barriers are a simple yet effective way to help direct and control traffic and work well combined with any of our road barriers.

Traffic Cone Barrier Guide

Construction sites, car parks and other well-used outside spaces often feature a lot of traffic which can result in an increased number of potential hazards. These hazards need to be carefully managed in order to prevent damage to both vehicles and premises, as well as injuries and even fatalities to drivers and pedestrians. Our cone barrier systems are a flexible yet reliable method of achieving this goal.

Retractable Barriers for Flexibility

At Cube Safety Supplies, we understand the differing needs of businesses and are aware that the ‘one size fits all’ approach will not be effective. Thanks to our cone barrier systems, components can be purchased separately to create a solution that fits your business needs.

Why Do Businesses Need Cones and Barriers?

Traffic cones and barriers are designed to warn people about potential hazards. They’re also important to use as crowd control, creating temporary traffic signs and to block off potholes. The bright fluorescent orange shade isn’t just any old orange – it’s widely recognised as a safety shade to protect drivers and pedestrians from dangerous areas.

Shop our extensive range of road cones and road barriers today with free delivery on all products.