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Where to Put Dangerous Substance Signs

Dangerous substance signs alert us to the presence of a hazardous chemical or substance. The sign will show the precautions that need to be followed to avoid accidents and to reduce risks.

A dangerous substance sign needs to be displayed where dangerous substances are stored. This could be a sign for a corrosive solution, irritant solution, toxic solution, harmful solution or a highly flammable solution. This will inform your employees about the substances in the building, and how to act appropriately around them.

Health and Safety Regulations 1996

These signs are required by the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 and in specific cases by the Dangerous Substances (Notification and Marking of Sites) Regulations 1990.

If you store dangerous substances in the workplace, be sure to buy dangerous substance signs to alert your employees of the implications of the product and how to safely act around it.