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It is a legal requirement that employees and visitors know the fire evacuation procedure in the event of a fire and alarm activation. Our fire action signs are an essential in work premises as they are used to clearly communicate what action needs to be taken in the event of finding a fire or a fire alarm being sounded.

Our range of fire signs are designed to inform people on what to do in the event of a fire on the premises. Each fire action sign conforms with the current legislation and display clear text and images which are easy to read and understand.

In the event of a fire being discovered, one of our fire signs could be the different between life or death.

Our signs state clearly what to do in the event of a fire, including when to sound an alarm, demand evacuation and state where the fire assembly point is, for example.

We also have a range of custom fire action signs which can be customised to your company’s needs. Simply choose the sign you wish to customise, select the size and material and then type the custom text in the allocated boxes. Choose from self-adhesive vinyl and rigid plastic materials which can be used for indoor and outdoor use.

If you would like to buy fire action signs and require any additional information about our signs, then please contact the team and they will be happy to help with your purchase.

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