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There are many potential hazards in a work place that employees and visitors need to be aware of. It’s important to keep the work environment accident-free using the appropriate safety signage.

Our general warning signs deliver messages such as ‘caution stairs’, ‘danger moving vehicles’ and ‘caution sudden drop’. Our general use warning signs refer to possible physical or electronic hazards in the workplace. A general use warning sign can be used to help minimise the risk of a major accident happening. The use of the word ‘warning’ or ‘beware’ indicates a hazard that could result in harm, whereas the words ‘caution’ or ‘danger’ identifies risks that can result in moderate to serious injury.

Our general warning signs are suitable for a range of potentially dangerous situations. The signs can be used to identify a variety of different risks in different environments, such as work sites, factories, offices and marine work.

Our signs can apply to other on-site risks, such as: moving vehicles, incomplete scaffolding, fork-lift trucks and asbestos. General warning signs can also serve as security warnings and cover the use of guard dogs, vehicles unloading and anti-climb paints.

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