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General signage is all around us – and we might not have even noticed!

It’s a legal requirement to display health and safety signs in the workplace. They help to reduce risk of harm, danger or illness for people in the workplace, including workers and visitors.

Our general signs are clear to see, easy to read and are appropriate for a range of different work situations.

Industrial Signs

We have signs for industrial use to ensure all workers and visitors stay safe in the area. Signs such as ‘employees are positively forbidden to ride on this lift’ and ‘do not attempt to lift heavy loads single handed’ are all relevant signs to prevent any accidents from happening around machinery and vehicles.

Work Site Signs

The most common hazards on a construction site are lifting or pushing heavy or awkward sized objects, and slips, trips and falls from scaffolding and ladders. To prevent accidents from happening, buy general signs that inform people not to use ladders, drop heavy objects or drive vehicles.

We also stock generic signs, such as those that advise passers-by not to use mobile phones, cycle or run in certain areas.

Buy a general sign today at highly competitive prices. View the online collection or call for more details!