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The hard hat or safety helmet is an essential item of safety equipment; for builders, engineers, construction workers, visitors and any site that requires a hard hat to be worn for safety and protection.

Construction work is a high-risk activity and accidents can occasionally happen. Head injuries can involve falling objects or striking fixed objects, such as ends of scaffolding poles or other projections. Wearing a construction hard hat can prevent a head injury, or at least reduce the severity of one.

We have 4 colour options for hard hats, including white, blue, orange and yellow. All of our hard hats are manufactured to BS EN 397, which means the hats have been through rigorous tests for impact resistance and flame retardance, amongst others, and also conform to LD, -40c and EN 50365 1000V a.c.

Our hard hats are 20% lighter than other helmets on the market, yet still provide maximum coverage, support and comfort from impact and lateral deformation protection. The light weight shell, Hydro-Flock sweatband and ventilation provide maximum comfort and balance and, as a result, can be worn for prolonged use.

Shop our website today to buy hard hats to ensure you are protected in the workplace.