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PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

At Cube Safety Signs, we stock an extensive range of personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety boots, safety specs, workwear clothing, hard hats, gloves and high vis clothing. PPE is designed to protect the user against any health or safety risks in the working environment.

There are regulations in place to ensure that personal safety in the workplace is a priority at all times, as potential hazards can cause serious harm or injury. It is a legal requirement in some workplaces to have PPE, and it is vital to ensure safe working conditions at all times.

Browse our extensive range of industry standard personal protective equipment. We stock a range of fire retardant and hi-vis PPE for safety within the workplace. All of our clothing and workwear promises both practicality and high performance.

What Is PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equipment which protects the user against health and safety risks in the workplace. PPE can be considered to fall into three categories; respiratory protection, eye protection and hearing protection.

PPE can include protective clothing, protective helmets, goggles, harnesses, footwear etc. Every employer has a duty to ensure the provision and use of PPE in the workplace.

Why Is PPE So Important?

Making the workplace safe includes providing employees with an adequate amount of instructions, procedures and training to encourage safe and responsible working. PPE contributes to a safe workplace, so it’s always going to be an important part of running a successful and safe business.

Even once all the risks have been assessed in the work place and safety systems have been put into place, some hazards will still remain. These hazards can include injuries to the head and feet, eyes, lungs, body and skin; this is where PPE comes into play. PPE should only ever be used as a last resort after putting all other controls in place.

It’s important for businesses to choose the equipment that is needed carefully, and to ensure that all employees are trained to use it and know how to detect and report any faults.

PPE Requirements in The Workplace

Making the workplace safe includes providing instructions, procedures, training and supervision to encourage people to work safely and responsibly. Even where engineering controls and safe systems have been applied, some hazards may remain in the working environment, with injuries including the lungs, head and feet, eyes, skin and the body. In these situations, PPE is needed to reduce the risk of accidents happening.

PPE should only ever be used as a last resort and should be provided free of charge to employees who require it. The equipment must be chosen carefully, and all employees must be trained on how to use it properly and know how to detect and report any faults.

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