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Dust Masks Sign

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If you work in the agriculture, construction or industrial painting industry, you may be frequently breathing in dust and fumes, which can lead to respiratory diseases in the future. To prevent this, workers must wear dust masks at all times.

Fix a dust masks sign in the work place to serve as a helpful reminder to workers and visitors on the importance of wearing a dust mask. Use the sign to clearly mark mandatory restrictions in the working environment.

The dust mask sign is a mandatory sign in compliance with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, in which all mandatory signs must have a blue circular background with a white pictogram. Using the mandatory sign also helps you comply with compulsory personal protective equipment rules.

The dust mask signs come in a variety of sizes and materials. Our dust mask signs come in self adhesive vinyl or rigid plastic and in five different sizes. The signs can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations, through hot and cold weather conditions all year round.

Help raise safety awareness throughout your organisation and buy dust masks sign for employee and visitor protection.