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Safety Signs

Safety signs can be found almost everywhere; from nurseries and schools to hospitals, offices and construction sites. A safety sign should be used to convey a clear, unambiguous message that can be easily understood by everyone – even when English is not a first language. This is helped by the use of easily recognisable symbols such as a fire exit running man, no smoking and chemical hazard.

Signs that use internationally recognised symbols help to support the sign’s instruction, be it the location of the nearest emergency exit, first aid equipment or a warning sign. Safety signs are also used in the workplace to warn of potential hazards, restrict access or ensure that personal protective equipment is worn. Other messages that safety signs can convey include the need to keep fire exit doors clear and to prohibit certain actions, such as no smoking.

Buy Health and Safety Signs

We stock a wide range of safety signs, custom safety signs and notices in our Health and Safety Signs range, including construction signs, prohibition signs, warning signs, safe condition signs, fire safety signs, emergency exit signs, PPE signs, disabled (DDA) signs and mandatory signs for at-risk work places.

We have a wide range of ready-made safety signs available, and also some customisable signs that can be tailored to certain specifications. Ensuring a business is legally compliant, in terms of displaying health and safety warning signage, is essential for businesses and how it is viewed by the public.

What Are Safety Signs?

A health and safety sign is defined as ‘information or instruction about health and safety at work on a signboard, a colour, an illuminated sign or acoustic signal, a verbal communication or hand signal.’

Signboards are a combination of shape, colour and symbol or pictogram made visible by lighting, and in some cases with some additional text.

Does Your Business Have the Necessary Safety Signs?

There are strict requirements in place for businesses when it comes to displaying safety signs. Health and safety signs are an integral part of most businesses, as it ensures warnings are correctly displayed. Businesses will be legally compliant with the various government and industry-imposed regulations.

It’s important for businesses to provide health and safety signs if there is a significant risk that can’t be avoided or controlled by other means. Safety signs are in place to alert employees, customers and visitors to the risks and, where appropriate, show safe practice.

Safety signs are used in a range of environments, for example traffic signs in the workplace to regulate road traffic, safety signs to identify hazards or safety signs to indicate where fire exits and fire extinguishers are.

The Importance of Safety Signs

Prohibition signs are predominantly red and white, which denotes that a certain behaviour or activity is prohibited and must be followed.

Common examples of these signs include ‘no smoking’ and ‘no access’.

Hazard signs are used to alert and warn people of potential dangers. The different types of hazard signs include danger signs, warning signs and caution signs. Common examples of these are ‘caution ramp’ and ‘warning guard dogs’.

Fire signs are a legal requirement to have in the workplace. There are different types of fire signs, including informative signs and instruction signs. Examples of these are ‘fire action’ and ‘fire exit’ signs.

All of our safety signs are fully compliant with European BS EN standards, which was put together as a European law in 2013.

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