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Safety Symbols

Safety symbol signs can be found almost everywhere; from nurseries and libraries to hospitals and offices. They should be used to convey a clear, unambiguous message that can be understood easily be everyone, even when English is not their first language. This is helped by the use of easily recognisable symbols, such as no running safety symbols, no smoking and electric shock symbol.

The internationally recognised symbols help to support the sign’s instruction, whether it be the location of the nearest emergency exit, first aid facility or what environment a phone can be used in. Our safety symbol signs can also be used to warn of potential hazards and restricted access areas in the work environment. Other key messages that may need to be conveyed are the need to keep fire exit doors clear and to prohibit certain actions such as no smoking on site.

Safety symbols have a specific colour coding convention, each with their own meaning. Purple has become a de facto standard for radiation hazards through popular use. Green signifies a safe condition; these include first aid and drinking water signs, as well as fire exit signs. Red is for prohibition and fire equipment signs, used to show certain actions that must be avoided, such as restricted or no access and no smoking. Fire equipment signs should be used to show the location of fire fighting equipment as well as alarm activation points. Yellow is for hazard warning signs, normally accompanied with the words danger, caution or warning. These signs should be used to provide a clear warning message.

All safety symbols comply with European BS EN standards, which was put together as a European law in 2013.

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