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Buy Machinery Hazard Signs

If your workplace uses heavy or potentially dangerous machinery, it’s imperative that machinery hazard signs are displayed around the site to inform people of the potential hazards and dangers of using and being around them.

There are a number of health and safety issues that need to be considered if your workplace uses machinery. Our machinery health and safety signs help to get vital instructions across to employees and visitors in an easy-to-understand way, which is why our signs have simple text, colour and icons. Machinery hazard signs can be used in all kinds of locations, but naturally they should be placed where they have full visibility.

If machinery isn’t used properly at work, there is a chance of injuries or serious harm. If used inappropriately, it can cause injuries such as severe cuts, crushed, burns and electrocution. Appropriate training is needed to ensure everyone understands how to move and use the equipment.

We stock different variations of the machinery hazard sign, including warning guides, caution out of order signs and danger noise area signs. Choose from rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl and select from four sizes. The signs can be used indoors and outdoors.

Here you can browse and buy machinery hazard signs that are most appropriate for the types of machinery in the workplace.